Family’s Financial Planning

There are lots of small saving schemes available in India that helps tax savings too. Many of them provide you guaranteed returns, high-interest rates, tax savings under various sections of Indian Income Tax Act and much more benefits.
These small savings plans not only provide growth to your money but also provide you with financial security at various stages of your life. It depends on your needs what product suits you best. You must go through the scheme documents before starting any investment scheme. Each financial plan has its own advantages and shortfalls, only a good research will save your hard earn money.
Initial points before starting a small savings scheme

When you need returns?
i.e. you need money in short term or long term
How much risk you can take?
i.e. you prefer safe investments or some risky (e.g. bonds or equity)
What will be your investment pattern?
i.e. you want to invest a big amount one time, or small portion regularly
How much do you know about the product?
i.e. are you aware of good and bads of a scheme in which you are investing
For an example if you are looking for short term savings then you can invest your money in post offices , government bonds, mutual funds, and if you are concentrating for long term savings with good yields then only Insurance will help you.

When it comes to family, we all want the best and so do we want to give you the best. We have

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