About FinancialGURU

We at FinancialGURU a team of Professionals and Certified Financial Planners. We help people to fulfill their Dreams, Desires, Commitments & Goals. Be it a dream of taking your business to new heights, creating funds for a new venture, Minimizing the risk in your Financial Portfolio or planning your child’s education at Harvard / Stanford / Oxford University

Over the past 10 years we have been working with HNIs, Corporate & Industries, suggesting the right financial instruments that fit into their financial portfolio. We share unparallel knowledge and information about financial instruments (Insurance, Stocks, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, Commodities and Real Estate Investment (Abroad)).

“Approach towards Clients”

Imparting the Right Knowledge sharing with our customers, has always been our ultimate objective. Every client’s requirements are analyzed and customized tailor-made options are provided keeping in mind their liabilities and nature of business.

Few ideas that many of our clients have find it valuable:

  1. Creating Tax Free Wealth with minimizing the risk posed by different financial instruments in their financial portfolio.
  2. Estate Creation
  3. Funds Management – Put your idle money to work.
  4. Catering to individual’s needs – Funds for child’s World Class education, Business Startups.

For Large, Mid Cap & Small Cap Industry:-

  1. Creating funds for future expansion of existing business or Commencement of a new one.
  2. Additional Tax Saving. New Idea for Dividend Paying Companies.
  3. Group Health Insurance, Pension Provision, Group Term Insurance, Group Gratuity, Leave Encashment.
  4. Tax Postponement, Wealth Creation for Directors / Employees
  5. Key man Insurance, Employer Employee Scheme, Insurance under MWP Act1874

The above is an Idea and however we can provide tailor made solutions.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning



Portfolio Management / Wealth Creation