About Us

FinancialGuru is a team of dedicated professionals and certified financial planners, committed to providing customized financial solutions to corporate, industries and individuals. We offer a comprehensive selection of products and services to meet all your financial needs with the promise of top-class service. Financial management seems daunting to many people, whether it’s a question of creating funds for a new venture, minimizing the risk in your financial portfolio, taking your business to new heights or planning your child’s education at a top university, we are here to help. We provide expert advice in the areas of stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, commodities, insurance and real estate investment.

Our mission and values

Our mission is to enable our clients realise their financial goals and  build a lasting relationship based on trust. We strive to do so in an honest and transparent manner, treating your goals as our own and making recommendations that are in your best interest. Our clients can attest to the fact that we actively follow-up and are always just a phone call away.

Our aim is not to sell or push a particular  policy or mutual fund plan on you. Our planners will listen to you carefully, suggest  a plan based on your needs, explaining everything in simple terms to your satisfaction. So  give us a call today and  take a step towards financial freedom.

Here’s what we can do for you:

1. Financial planning for:
• retirement
• child education
• marriage
• home loans
• business expansion
• start-ups
2. Insurance Planning
3. Group Gratuity
4. Tax consulting
5. Wealth creation
6. Key man insurance
7. Employer employee Scheme
8. Estate Planning